An Adria camper van for YoukeepUstraveling / 2020 back on the road

Years ago we quit our ordinary lifes, sold our belongings and just travelled. A trip to the unknown, based on social and environmental commitment. As a couple, as friends, as soulmates. No rules, no goals, just a slow pace journey with tolerance and respect. We reached our limits, were put to the test but never gave up. We grew from each other, got married, got pregnant and gave birth. A rough start, our sons life hanging on a thread. Months filled with fear and uncertainty. But now, three years later, sun is up and we finally want to get back on the road. As a family, in a camper van, with new hope and joy. And who should we rely on if not the best: Dear Adria....this is us!

UPDATE JUNE 2020 - Due to the Covid 19 pandemie our glorious plans and positive talks with ADRIA had to be postponed. Just when things were about to take place, the world flipped upside down and left us stranded in South Africa. We sincerely hope that the new world order slowly rising from the ashes of the Corona virus will leave some room for passionated travelers like we are.

Social Media travel blog by ykut blogger and infulencer

We are social but not media, constantly seeking but not for attention. Our journey is an expression of our inner believes, shared with those who think and feel alike. We do not promote, advertise or force ourselves on anyone. In a world where blogger and influencer are constantly fighting for attention, we decided to stay true to us and rather devote our energy to people and nature in need. Honesty and transparency is what we stand for. Small things do make a difference and with just a little more tolerance and respect the world could become a better place. Not only for us, but for our children and grand children.

Camp Seal Creek camping ground Cape Arid National Park Western Australia

Dear Adria...this is us! Now that you know who you are dealing with, here's what we kindly ask for. 2020 will be our year to slowly get back into a constant life on the road. Things change, so do we and the way we travel. As a family we want to start our journey in a compact camper van. We love the look and feel of your designs, your innovative approach and practical solutions. Not too fancy, but reliable and economical. Our savings will get us close to what we are looking for, but unfortunately just not right there. No pressure, but maybe we can make this work to the benefit of both of us.

Hopefully this video speaks for itself. We probably do not have to mention that travelling in a camper van will produce tons of beautiful pictures and videos you might like, use and share. In the end there is not much more to say than: Dear Adria....where are you?

There's a high resolution YouTube version of this video. Like with all our other Youtube videos, watching the advertisement will help to support us and sharing is more than welcome.

Traveling the world with social and environmental commitment

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