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What we do


Being caught up in our daily routines we decided to make a cut and set out to travel the world. Wherever we go we create our own little projects to help people or save wildlife. Some projects we can manage by ourselves and for others we will have to rely on foreign help and donations. We believe in a concept of full transparency, short ways and straight feedback for all our supporters. See what happens with your donation or get around and join us to make the change come true.

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YouKeepUsTraveling - Getting involved
Getting involved


Every project we work on might ask for a different form of involvement. One day we need a helping hand on-site, another day we are hunting special goods, financial support or just encourage people to change their daily behaviour. Whatever we are asking for, we forward 100% of what we get. There are no hidden fees or money taken from your donation. Follow the project and your investment online since direct feedback and full transparency is what we stand for.

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There's not been much happening on this blog...but for a reason. To be honest, the last two and a half years were the hardest of our lifes. Our son Flynn was born with a serious heart problem, had to undergo surgery when he was only 11 days old, but bravely fought his way back into life. It's been a long and rocky road, but we are slowly getting back to where we came from, making our first trips as a family and working hard to start traveling permanently again in 2020.


Our 100% Promise

100% of your donation will go straight to the project of your choice. There are no taxes, fees or whatsoever.

Live Feedback

See what really happens with your money. Follow your project online with live feedback, pictures and videos.

Full Transparency

Watch the donations progress in real-time. By choice you can put your name on the donators list with instant feedback.

Traveling the world with social and environmental commitment

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