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Most people think charity and fun does not go together very well. We will proof the opposite.

To us there are two different approaches to charity work. Top down, you can initiate a long term development setting the foundations for decades of improvements. Bottom up, on a local basis there are small things that can be changed a lot faster with less efforts and funds.

Along our route it became our passion to volunteer our help to people and nature in need. We believe that even small changes can have a big impact, like to the wing beat of an butterflies that can change the climate around the world.


Our Promise



Traveling the world with social and environmental commitment is not a slogan, it's what we do. It involves respect to the habits, cultures and religions of the people we come across as well as intense care and responsibility for every kind of natures creations.

Whenever we engage a problem we can't solve alone we will ask for your involvement. In case we are asking for financial support we promise that 100% of your donation will go straight to the project of your choice. Our work is voluntary and there will be no fee or reduction. Follow your project online. Watch the initial video and see the final result. There is nothing we have to hide.

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A team is the union of multiple people joined in the task of solving the same problems or sharing the same believes. So if you believe in YKUT, if you believe in us, we are more than happy to call you part of our team.

At this point we would like to thank all people around the world sharing our dream. Not only for their support, but for being so kind, so hospitably, so friendly and open minded. We had so many unforgettable moments and great experience beyond words we will not forget for the rest of our lifes. Traveling would be nothing without you. It's you and mother earth's other beautiful creations that make us carry on every single day.


Anita Kisiala

There are many reasons for traveling the world, but what touches me the most, are the rare situations like the beauty of an untouched landscape, wild animals living in freedom and a smile on a child’s face. I always wanted to do something with importance and there is nothing more important to me than saving those magical moments for our next generations.

Nico Hopp

When I was 16 years old my parents took me on a trip to Kenia. To get to our hotel we had to cross a river on a public ferry. The boat was packed and I will never forget the feeling I had surrounded by mostly poor people. I was wearing nice clothes and had a suitcase full of stuff with me. At that moment all I really wanted to do, is to open my bag and just say: Take it!

It took me almost 20 years, but now I am about to open this suitcase.

Traveling the world with social and environmental commitment

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