Save power by making your energy consumption visible with our free energy monitor

Electrical power is invisible, depicted only by a bunch of technical phrases and therefore hard to grasp. For all of you, who want to bring some light into the dark, see what's going on in your household and save energy, we have an easy solution. Rent our energy monitor for free (Germany only right now) and instantly see your power consumption, the money it will cost you and how much CO2 output it creates. You will be surprised how much money you can save on things that won't hurt.

Resign YKUT Youkeepustraveling Charity Project for a better world

It's easy to point the finger at others: At the Brazilians for destroying pristine rainforest, at the Indonesians for replacing unique nature with palm oil monocultures or recently at the Australians, for their plans to destroy the Great Barrier Reef for a coal shipping channel. But you know what, it's not only them. It's us, too. It's our behavior and the little everyday choices we make. We have more power than you might think and with the willingness to resign from a few things everyone of us can have a positive impact.

Nico Sebastian Hopp Reuse Recycle Recycling South Australia waste management by YKUT YouKeepUsTraveling

When it comes down to recycling, Australia is giving us a hard time. Things are not working like we are used to back home in Germany. In remote Western Australia we often did not know what to do with the litter we collected and ended up driving it around until we came to a major city. Things changed once we reached South Australia. Due to the refund system on cans, PET bottles and other items there's a large number of recycling stations and as a benefit to our efforts we even made some money.

Angela Marie Maxwell She walks the earth SheWalksTheEarth YKUT YouKeepUsTraveling

There she was. On a hot dusty day on Highway 1, where the Great Sandy Desert hits the Indian Ocean, we've met Angela. All by herself, walking around the earth, listening to the surrounding and her inner-self. It’s a calling, which she is following and we think she is right about it. There are just a few people, who follow their hearts and are capable of leaving their former lifes behind. We think her inspiring vision and unique journey is worth sharing. We not only want to support her, but encourage all the people out there, who are to afraid of following their dreams.

Nico Sebastian Hopp Reuse Recycle Recycling Western Australia waste management from YKUT YouKeepUsTraveling

Reuse is something we have done throughout our whole travels. Not only because we are traveling on a small budget, but using things for a longer period is a great way to save natural resources. Gradually we became more and more creative and less picky when it comes down to things we have found. Our equipment has slowly turned into a patchwork of creative solutions, the following is just a small example of what can be done with just a few tweaks.

Vanilla plantation / La Réunion Vanilla pots in the hands of a farmer La Reunion

Our visit to a vanilla plantation, is a good example for one of our ad hoc projects. We never know where and when they pop up. This time it was the owner of a plantation, who was in need of some good pictures for his explanation charts. We took the chance, spent a few hours of work and (hopefully) made his day.

Nettoyage de plage / Cleaning the beach YKUT YouKeepUsTraveling You Keep Us Traveling Travelling Prévention Océan Réunion Surfrider Reunion Prevention Ocean Anita Kisiala

Are you wondering what NETTOYAGE DE PLAGE means? It simply means cleaning the beach in French. We went out to support an initiative of Océan Prévention Réunion in cooperation with the Surfrider Foundation. With a global problem of this size, it is important to deliver the message to as many people as possible. So we took some pictures and made a video for you to spread.

La Réunion Shark fatal Attack Killing Surfer / Töten Angriff Hai Haiangriff La Reunion tödliche Unfall

A rising number of fatal shark attacks around La Réunion has led to a public discussions calling the authorities for action. In a state of not having a real solution the government considers killing a great number of sharks, despite everyone knows that this will not solve the problem. Positions are becoming more and more entrenched with people afraid La Réunion will lose its tourist reputation on the one side and environmental organizations and like-minded persons on the other.

Independent jungle track guide Eru in Bukit Lawang Sumatra

Eru is an independent guide from Bukit Lawang, offering jungle tracks to the Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra. During a huge flood he and his family lost everything they had. Today they live in a small flat provided by the government. For Eru it is hard to get in contact with his clients, because he does not have a computer or internet. After our jungle track and a visit to his home and getting to know his family, we decided to take our video footage and make Eru a small appearance on the world wide web.

Save the Sharks / La Réunion YKUT YouKeepUsTraveling You Keep Us Traveling Travelling NGO the World Weltreise

I remember the day like it was yesterday. We were sitting on the couch in a small flat, having a glass of wine and started talking about our dreams and what it would be like to turn them into reality. Maybe we had a glass to much but you know, how one word gives another and soon we were making plans to throw over our current lives and start again from scratch.

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