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We certainly can't guess all your questions but here's a little selection of what we think might be interesting for you. If you have further questions feel free to contact us.

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  • can I get a donation receipt?



    Unfortunately all our donations are treated as gifts and therefore we are not able to hand out receipts. You can find more informations on this topic in our site terms.

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  • Aren't extensive travels bad for the environment ?



    We try to avoid long distance flights and use public transport to minimize our ecological footprint. Backpacking involves a lot of walking and traveling slow gives you enough time to plan smart and share rides. Follow our footsteps in the blog.


  • Are your projects sustainable ?



    We work with great effort to make the impact of our projects as strong as possible. Unfortunately there is no guarantee for success but we believe that even the smallest things can make a huge difference. See for yourself.


  • Can I become a member of YouKeepUsTraveling?



    Right now YouKeepUsTraveling is run by two people with a large team of supporters. We work on a voluntary basis and cover our expenses with private savings. Therefore at this point of time it is not possible to become a fix member, but surely a supporter.

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